Psychedelic Research in Science and Medicine

Evidence-based treatments to improve wellbeing

Psychedelic Research in Science & Medicine (PRISM) is a DGR-1 charity, established in 2011 to initiate, coordinate, and support formal research into the applications of medicinal psychedelics and related technologies. PRISM provides scientific expertise for clinical trial and technology development for medicinal psychedelics and consciousness research. PRISM supports clinical research for the treatment and prevention of conditions for which current therapies provide limited relief.

Scientific Expertise

Here at PRISM we have been dedicated for the last decade to supporting research into the therapeutic potential of psychedelic-assisted therapy. Our team has vast experience in clinical trial development, science communication, harm reduction and social benefit development. 

Clinical Research

PRISM’s medicinal psychedelic research program seeks to develop evidence-based treatments that reduce suffering, enhance our understanding of disease mechanisms, and illuminate the study of consciousness itself. 

Knowledge Sharing

PRISM practices with the values of Open Science,  transparent and accessible knowledge that is shared and developed through collaborative networks for the world to benefit. Likewise, our educational goal is to enable understanding,  enrich experience and participate in the evaluation of knowledge. 

Cultivating Connection

PRISM facilitates the translation of expert knowledge through our research network, educational content, and consultation.  We seek to enhance wellbeing through scientific research and in the wider community by supporting an ecosystem of contributors, fellow researchers, and clinicians.

Innovation meets compassion​

The re-emergence of psychedelic research places a crucial emphasis on a holistic approach to mental health from pharmacology, neurobiological process,  ecological connection, and therapeutic support.  PRISM supports research and clinical development of therapies where current options provide limited relief.

Your support truly makes a difference.

PRISM is grateful for our supporters and partners who make our work possible


We are a DGR-1 non-profit research charity developing medical and legal processes for the application of psychedelic medicines for improved wellbeing.