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US studies have found the illegal drug could help veterans overcome traumatic memories.

“It’s quite a mysterious disorder and that’s part of the reason why looking for different ways to treat it is a fairly important thing.”

Steve McDonald is a retired army major and the secretary of Psychedelic Research in Science in Medicine (PRISM), an organisation trying to start up MDMA treatment trials for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

He suffers from PTSD and had become frustrated with the treatments available when he decided to self-medicate with MDMA.

“In terms of anything that I’ve experienced in one session over a few hours, MDMA was the most effective in terms of its beneficial effects on my health.”

PTSD is a problem for defence force, a 2010 study found more than 8 per cent of members had suffered from the disorder in the last twelve months but because it’s often unreported by sufferers the number is probably higher.

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